Sutton crime statistics revealed

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Shock new figures show anti-social behaviour contributes to a THIRD of crimes in Sutton.

Police UK - a Government policing watchdog - have released the figures which show there were 1,656 incidents in the past year in the town.

Residents on Bramley Court - adjacent to Sutton Lawns - have been victim to this for years and have decided to take action.

Many of the residents have contemplated moving homes because it has become so distressing.

Susan Buxton, who lives on Bramley Court with her husband Wilf said, “Enough is enough - we’re living amongst anti-social behaviour, vandalism and noise at all hours. It’s got to stop.”

“Our area has suffered from this type of behaviour for years. Litter is strewn all over the place - it is making our lives a misery. We’re even thinking of selling up. Some residents have even complained of plants being stolen.”

She contacted Coun Jason Zadrozny, local Lib Dem leader, to ask for help.

A residents’ only access to the park has been discussed in the hope of lowering the ongoing problems.

Samantha Deakin, who campaigns locally against anti-social behaviour said, “We’ve encouraged residents to keep a diary of incidents in the area. Some of the stories residents tell us are disgusting. This includes people urinating on the footpath and dumping rubbish that could attract vermin. We’re hopeful that we can resolve this for the local residents - some of whom are at their wit’s end. Everyone has a right to a life free of anti-social behaviour and we’ll do our best to force the Council to act as soon as possible.”

Councillor Jason Zadrozny is working on the issue with colleagues Barrie-Jane Hickman and Samantha Deakin. He said, “We have spoken to concerned residents on one of our regular street surgeries. What we have recommended to council bosses is that they lock the gate and give residents a key. This is a common sense solution that will reduce anti-social behaviour in the area. The Government have just relaxed the rules when it comes to blocking footpaths for emergencies like this. There’s plenty of access to Sutton Lawns anyway - so it won’t have a detrimental affect for park users. It is important to note though that people causing these problems are a huge minority of the young people who use Sutton Lawns.”

Coun Chris Baron, Leader of Ashfield District Council, said a key system was an option that had already been explored.

He said: “That area is a public highway and can not be gated off and locked. We simply can not block it off. We had tried it in the past but found we could not do it.”

Coun Baron added that he would contact the community protection officers to increase their patrols of the area.