Suspended jail term for Alfreton man after assault

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A dad who punched his estranged partner in the head outside an Alfreton school playground has been handed a suspended jail term.

A row blew up between William Wagg and the woman only two days after the had got the keys to a new flat.

She went to stay at her mother’s home and was attacked the following day outside Croft infants school, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Wagg (29) told police he had not hit her, despite the assault being witnessed by a school crossing warden who heard a loud crack.

He claimed a gust of wind had blown his jacket hood down and the warden had heard the sound of “leather on leather”.

“She says the relationship is over and she won’t be rekindling it,” added Ms Mahon.

Wagg, of Mansfield Road, Alfreton, admitted the 25th September assault. He received a 12-week prison sentence but it was suspended for a year.

He was also given a one-year probation supervision order and must pay £75 compensation to Ms Joynes, with £85 costs.

The court heard that Wagg had a previous conviction for affray two years ago, in which he threatened a different partner with a knife.

His solicitor, Christopher Hallas, said the victim appeared to have forgiven Wagg, adding: “When she passes in her vehicle she waves at him and he smiles back. He is remorseful.

“He has come to terms with the end of the relationship and he wants to move on. It’s better for any future relationship for him to get any help that’s available. He has issues that will remain if he is sent into custody.”

Mr Hallas said Wagg suffered from depression and epilepsy.