Surge in car break-ins in Mansfield

The coronavirus lockdown has seen opportunist thieves targeting cars in the area.

By Katrina Taylor
Monday, 6th April 2020, 9:41 am
Updated Monday, 6th April 2020, 9:42 am

Now that homeowners are almost guaranteed to be home during the government’s recent advice to ‘stay at home’, thieves are switching their attention to cars, with break-ins being reported on social media in Mansfield.

I went out to my car this morning to find they had even targeted my own, finding the door open and the contents of my glove box strewn all over the floor.

Luckily I had nothing of value in there, meaning they got away empty handed.

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Police are carrying out extra patrols in the community.

Others have not been so lucky, with windows being smashed to gain entry, locks being forced, and important paperwork being taken.

Police Sergeant Paul Peatfield said: "Nottinghamshire Police have received reports of car thefts in Mansfield and the force is working hard to tackle the issue.

“We take burglary and thefts incredibly seriously and will investigate all reports thoroughly.

"Officers are reminding local residents to not leave valuables in your car and remain vigilant.

“It is important your vehicle is not an easy target for criminals – most vehicle crime can be prevented.

"During the current pandemic we have increased our patrols within the community to ensure our communities and property are safe.

"If you see anything suspicious please ring 101 and let us know so we can help the tackle the issues in your local area."

"You can also find out advice on how to protect your car here:"