‘Stupid’ thief jailed for stealing a t-shirt

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A ‘stupid’ thief who stole a t-shirt from a clothes shop has been sent to prison after activating a suspended sentence.

Kurt Anthony Horton, 23, of Grove Road, Sutton, was caught after snatching the item of clothing from New Look in Sutton’s Idlewells Shopping Centre.

Under interview, he admitted he was ‘stupid’ for stealing, saying he had no intention of selling it to buy drugs.

Defending, James Whyley, said that Horton had been left homeless, although he was now living in shared house.

He said that Horton had suffered from depression which had also left him struggling to leave the house.

Whyley added: “It would not be in the interest of justice to activate the suspended sentence.

“He was not stealing to fund a habit, it’s because he was struggling financially.”

However, the magistrates described it as ‘deliberately planned’ theft, and decided to activate the 14-week suspended sentence which he received in August last year for common assault.

He was given a further week, making a total of 15 weeks, but because he had spent more than six weeks on remand last year, and that he would only serve half his sentence, it is expected that he will only serve a few days behind bars.

Meanwhile, his partner - Leanne Newby, 27, of Collins Avenue, Sutton - was also due to appear along side Horton, charged with three counts of theft from New Look, Top Gift and Peacocks, totalling more than £122.

She failed to turn up for the hearing and a warrant was put out for her arrest.