Strict dispersal orders implemented in Mansfield to help quell anti-social behaviour

St. Peter's Way, Mansfield.
St. Peter's Way, Mansfield.

Behave in an anti-social manner in Mansfield town centre and you will be asked to leave, or face arrest.

As of this Friday, 1st August 2014, a large part of Mansfield will be covered by a dispersal order.

The order was applied for by Nottinghamshire Police and Mansfield District Council following an increase in the amount of reports of antisocial behaviour and violence since December.

This has been a particular issue in the town centre, Titchfield Park and the Field Mill Dam area of an evening, with noise, litter and alcohol-related crime topping the list of complaints.

For the next six months, anyone who does not live within the dispersal zone and is considered to be acting in an anti-social manner will be required to leave for up to 24-hours or face arrest.

The new tool will be available to patrolling police officers and PCSOs under Section 30 of the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003.

Chief Insp Neil Williams said: “We have had a lot of success with dispersal orders in the past so we hope this one will have a significant impact on the number of incidents of antisocial behaviour reported to us.

“Along with the dispersal powers we have a robust patrol plan in place, as well as close working relationships with our partners in the local authority in a bid to engage with young people and steer those most vulnerable away from crime.

“The order is in force for the next six months in the first instance, and if it is a success we will be applying to extend it for a longer period.”

The area covered by the order is within the following boundaries: St John Street to the north, St Peter’s Way, Brunt Street and Baums Lane to the east, Park Lane to the south and Highfield Way, Tenter Lane and Rosemary Street to the west.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported to police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.