Stanton Hill thief Javin Charles Tennant jailed for 42 weeks

A prolific Stanton Hill thief who targeted cars in Mansfield and Ashfield has been jailed for 42 weeks.

Javin Charles Tennant, of Brand Lane, admitted three charges relating to the theft of a Citroen car from Stanton Hill on 21st January, one charge of attempted theft from a car in the village on the same night and a further charge of failing to attend court.

Appearing at Mansfield magistrates’ court last Thursday (9th February), the 26-year-old also asked for a further 15 offences of theft from cars in Sutton, Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse to be taken into consideration.

Among the items stolen were car stereos, satellite navigation systems, handbags, purses and cash left in vehicles of varying makes.

Ashfield North Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Carl Holland said: “The sentence received by Tennant is excellent news for vehicle owners in Mansfield and Ashfield.

“However, his offences should also remind all of us about the need to take steps to prevent this kind of crime. The single most important thing to remember is that leaving any item of value in your car or van is offering temptation to a thief.

“Handbags, purses and cash, even clothing, should never be left in an unattended vehicle. Satellite navigation systems should be disconnected and removed if your vehicle is going to be left for some time.

“Stereos may be a little harder to remove, but some do have detachable facings. If you have one of those, please get into the habit of removing it whenever you park your vehicle.

“Nottinghamshire Police uses a variety of very successful tactics to identify and trace autocrime suspects, but there is much that vehicle owners can do for themselves to deny thieves the opportunity in the first place.”

Vehicle security information is available from the Crime Reduction section of the Nottinghamshire Police website, and also from police stations across Nottinghamshire.