Southwell man jailed for manslaughter

Liam Rockley, of Southwell, jailed for manslaughter
Liam Rockley, of Southwell, jailed for manslaughter

A 21-year-old Southwell man was jailed for three and a half years on Friday after pleading guilty to causing the death of another man with a punch to the head.

Liam Nicholas Rockley, of Lower Kirklington Road, Southwell, admitted causing the death of 36-year-old Robert Holland, at Nottingham Crown Court.

Mr Holland, from Sidcup, in Kent, died after being punched by Rockley outside the Lloyds TSB branch in Lower Parliament Street at about 4am on Friday 28th October. Rockley was arrested the following day.

A post-mortem examination concluded that Mr Holland, who had been on a night out while working in Nottingham, died as a result of injuries sustained from a single punch to the head.

After hearing the plea, Judge John Milmo sentenced Rockley to three-and-a-half years in prison.

Det Chief Inspector Kate Meynell, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Robert Holland’s death is a stark illustration of how a single punch can have such devastating consequences.

“Nottinghamshire Police very recently launched a campaign to highlight the damage that throwing a punch can cause. As has been proven here, it can ultimately cost a life.

“The medical evidence confirms also that it was the impact of the punch itself that killed Robert, and not the subsequent contact with the ground. Rockley had experience of cage fighting and clearly knew he was capable of delivering a blow that would cause his victim injury.

“Liam Rockley may not have intended to kill Robert, but the recklessness of his actions in the early hours of 28 October has left his victim’s family grieving the loss of a loved one.”

Mr Holland’s family issued the following statement:

“Robert was a very hard working person, which was his reason for being in Nottingham.

“He was a wonderful husband, son, brother and uncle. Liam Rockley has with one punch on that fateful morning completely devastated and destroyed an entire family.

“Robert was a very loving and family orientated person who can never be replaced. He will also be sorely missed by extended family, a wide circle of friends and business associates.

“We do not know how or if we will ever come to terms with what has happened, and we as a family will never get over this terrible loss.

“His wife Alev feels like her whole world and entire future has gone. His sister Karen and brother Ben have lost their best friend, and Karen’s young children, aged just ten and three, are having extreme difficulty understanding why their wonderful doting uncle is no longer around.

“And his mother Therese could not have had a more loving son and was extremely proud of him.”