Somercotes drunk told to get help by magistrates

A SOMERCOTES woman caught drunk in charge of two children has been told by magistrates that she “needs some help”.

Police received a call from social services on 9th September and officers went to her home, but she was not there.

She was later found to be at the home of a friend, who told police she was “in a really bad state”.

The 31-year-old single mum then walked out of the property with two young children and almost fell over

She was abusive towards officers and, after being persuaded to sit inside a police van, she banged on a cage inside it and got out.

The defendant was handcuffed following a struggle and she kicked out at police as they pushed her back inside the vehicle, prosecutor Helen Griffiths told magistrates at Chesterfield.

The woman cannot be named because the bench imposed a reporting restriction preventing identification of the children.

She admitted being drunk in charge of a child - her third conviction for this offence in eight years.

Sentence was adjourned until 14th November for reports. She had failed to attend an earlier interview with the probation service but was given a second chance.

“She was genuinely ill and unable to attend the appointment. She still has the children,” said defence solicitor John Wilford, adding that the offence carried a maximum sentence of one month’s custody.

Magistrates said it seemed as though she needed some help. They granted her bail.