Shop manager tells of terrifying armed robbery ordeal

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A shop manager had told of the terrifying moment a serial armed robber threatened a young worker at her store before fleeing with hundreds of pounds from the till.

The knife-wielding thief got away with more than £330 from the One Stop shop on Woodhouse Road during a raid earlier this month.

However, the thief has struck twice more at shops at other shops in Mansfield, and police are concerned that he may target others.

Wearing a scarf over his face and a beanie hat, he entered the One Stop shop at around 10.40pm on Wednesday, July 8.

Chrissy Tatt, manager at the store was not working at the time, but said a 20-year-old assistant was serving behind the counter.

She said: “He came straight up to the counter, got a knife out and straight away said ‘I’m being serious, empty the till’. He just kept saying that.

“Typically, the till got stuck, so he went to the opposite till and he got away with £330.

“He (the shop assistant) was terrified, but he was a trooper and is absolutely fine.

“He’s only 20 but he came back to work the next day and said he ‘wasn’t going to let this scumbag stop him from doing his job’.

“We get a lot of petty theft, but we’ve never had anything like this, it’s a bit unnerving.”

Just four days later the thief targeted the Sainsbury’s store on Westfield Lane, again late at night.

Finally, he threatened staff at the Shell service station on Leeming Lane South on the evening of Monday, July 25, and got away with more cash.

The police have now put up a £1,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest, and say they are determined to catch him before he strikes again.

Det Insp Phil Sims of Mansfield CID said: “We are urging anyone who believes they may know who this man is or has any other information about these incidents to contact us immediately by calling 101.

“Each of the shop assistants in these incidents has had a harrowing ordeal of being threatened with a knife and coerced into handing over money to the offender.

“We are determined to prevent any further incidents and the assistance of the public is vital if we are going to identify this person.”

He is described as being over 6ft tall and with a local accent, dressed in dark clothing and a face covering.

One Stop manager Chrissy said that he also had a big nose and very pale, white skin.

She also thinks that he a regular customer at the Woodhouse Road.

She added: “He left his bike in the doorway - we think that he is a regular because he knew if you put something in the doorway it keeps it open so he could get away.

“We have panic alarms, and he told him (the shop assistant) not to touch it - he has to be a customer that comes in.

“We just hope he is caught before it happens again, you can’t just go around physically threatening people.”

Anyone with any information should telephone Nottinghamshire Police on 101.

Alternatively they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.