Shirebrook teen blamed drugs for aggression towards mother

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A problem teenager damaged property at his mother’s Shirebrook home after she refused to give him £25.

Paula Lewis told police that son Nathan Bailey (19) had become more aggressive at the address in the last six months.

She stated that he owed money for drugs and, on 21st September, she refused to let him in when he banged on the door of her York Road home.

“He said he had been assaulted and she took pity on him and allowed him in to sleep,” Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates.

“He asked her for £25. She refused and he became increasingly aggressive towards her and police were called.”

Bailey calmed down and talked about his anger problems and use of M-Cat, an illicit stimulant similar to amphetamine.

“He then clenched his fist and punched a photo frame, smashing it in front of the officer, and he was arrested.

“In interview he said he had a difficult relationship with his mother and he had become angry in the past few days. He was remorseful,” added Ms Mahon.

Bailey, of Vale Drive, Shirebrook, admitted damaging property and was fined £85, with £85 costs and £6 compensation to his mother.

“It’s not nice to go round smashing up your mother’s property because you’re in a temper,” District Judge Andrew Davison told him.

Bailey told the court he had been taking M-Cat for two months but he had stopped using all drugs.

He added: “I’m sorting myself out. I’m living wih my dad and staying in and stuff.”