Shirebrook motorist was three times legal drink-drive limit

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A SHIREBROOK driver who hit a neighbour’s car after drinking at a wedding party fears he could lose his job and his home.

Lucy Smith was woken up after midnight on 7th October by car lights shining into her bedroom and she looked outside.

She saw neighbour Scott Ison’s Ford Mondeo suddenly shoot forward as he appeared to be preparing to reverse into his driveway.

“It hit the offside of her vehicle.There was a loud bang and her car was lifted up by the impact,” Helen Griffiths. prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield.

Ison then reversed the car onto his property and Ms Smith and her boyfriend went to his house. He asked her not to make an insurance claim and she noticed that he appeared to be the worse for drink.

Police were called and he went on to give a reading of 98mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - almost three times the 35mcgs limit.

“He said he had been at a wedding all day and he returned at 2am and realised his car wasn’t parked on the road. He decided to reverse it onto his driveway and collided with the neighbour’s car,” added Mrs Griffiths.

Ison (36,) of Church Drive, Shirebrook, admitted drink-driving. Sentence was adjourned until 29th October for probation service reports and he was given an interim driving ban.

“He got a taxi home and became concerned that his car might be causing a hazard so he moved it. He only travlled four metres before hitting the neighbour’s vehicle.

“He apologised to her at the time and offered to pay for any damage,” said Katie Fowkes, for Ison.

She told the court he had worked for Toyota for the past 10 years and was currently on a course with a view to being promoted.

He lived 40 miles from his place of work and would be able to take public transport to a colleague’s home and then get a lift.

“He can do this until August of next year but, after that, he won’t have a job and he won’t be able to pay the mortgage,” said Ms Fowkes, asking the bench to keep Ison’s driving ban as short as possible.