Senior Ashfield officer urges residents to 'not take matters into own hands' after protest left police 'safeguarding' convicted Kirkby paedophile

Police were left "safeguarding" a convicted Kirkby paedophile after a protest was held outside his home, which was near to a primary school.

Inspector Craig Hall, Ashfield District Commander, has now urged residents to not "take matters into their own hands" after police were "challenged" to manage the protest and safeguard the criminal.

Kingsway School.

Kingsway School.

The protest was held outside a house Shane Warren was believed to be living in at the time.

Warren, aged 33, is currently on bail awaiting sentencing after admitting four counts of indecent assault of children under the age of 16 in the 2000s.

Residents started a petition and held peaceful protests to urge "leaders in the area" to move Warren away from the Kingsway Primary School, area, which he live near to.

The protest did result in the arrest of a man.

Insp Hall said: "A local group were protesting against a male who had been convicted of child sex offences.

"This became a highly challenging issue for our policing resources, who were managing the protests whilst also working behind the scenes to safeguard the convicted person from suffering serious harm.

"The police completely understand the concerns of communities in which registered sex offenders reside and can reassure anyone that there is a rigid and well engrained system of assessing and mitigating any risk they may present in the form of our dedicated team who manage such offenders.

"It is not generally helpful for the community to take matters into their own hands as this can often inadvertently increase the risk of harm to not only the offender, but also innocent neighbours or family members.

"I was saddened that the demonstrations led to the arrest of a male who was threatening to cause criminal damage within the area.

"I am pleased to say that through having good communication with both parties and by working with our partners we have found a resolution to the issue in which the male is now living out of the area.

"Communication is best way to resolve such tensions and I hope people with concerns contact us to discuss options for resolving issues without inadvertently creating wider problems."

Warren is due to be sentenced on October 7.