Selston bricklayer drank five pints then fled an accident

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A bricklayer who crashed into another vehicle after drinking five pints of lager has been banned from driving.

Sean Patrick Delaney of Walters Crescent, Selston, then fled from the scene before being found by police.

The 38-year-old had been drinking with friends in a pub and was heading for another pub in his Vauxhall Astra when the accident happened on Flatts Lane, Westwood on the evening of 2nd February.

Daniel Pietryka, for the Crown, outlined the case saying the driver of the other car had felt collision, but neither him or his sister in the passenger seat were injured.

Delaney’s car had pulled onto Flatts Lane and the side of his car impacted with the side of the victim’s.

The car was dented and scuffed.

When the police arrived they scoured nearby fields for Delaney before locating him.

He was apologetic and admitted straight away that he should not have left the scene.

He was found to be twice the legal alcohol limit.

Mansfield magistrates were also told that he knew the victims in the other car, that they were friends of his daughter.

Defending Michael Little, said his client was remorseful, and said running from the scene had been ‘the second mistake he made on that day’, having got behind the wheel after drinking five pints.

Mr Little asked the magistrates that the inevitable driving ban be kept to a minimum because it would hinder Delaney’s chances of getting contract as a self-employed bricklayer.

Admitting drink driving, failing to stop at an accident and driving without due care and attention, he was banned for 18 months, told to pay £145 in costs and carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.