Scarcliffe pensioner banned for drink-driving

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A former RAF serviceman flew into trouble with the law when he was caught drink-driving on his way home.

Pensioner Anthony Richardson (77) was stopped by police as he drove a Skoda Felicia along Main Street, Scarcliffe, at 4.30pm on 7th August.

They smelled alcohol on his breath and he was arrested after failing a breath test, magistrates at Chesterfield were told.

Richardson gave a reading of 45mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath, the limit being 35mcgs. He took an option to have a blood sample analysed which revealed a level of 105mgs, the limit in blood being 80mgs, said Sarah Haslam, prosecuting.

Annette Thomas said, in mitigation, that Richardson had been taking medication.

He drank two pints of bitter and then waited three hours before driving. It was only a short journey and he took the car because it was too hilly for him to walk.

“He says he has been stopped by police three times in the past 18 months and he has always had the same amount to drink and he has been under the limit.”

Richardson, of Devonshire Cottages, Churchside, admitted drink-driving and was fined £125, with £85 costs. He was handed a one-year driving ban, which will be reduced to nine months if he successfully completes a drink-driving rehabilitation course.