Row led to assault of partner

A ROW over money led to an assault in which a drunken Shirebrook dad grabbed his partner by the throat, a court was told on Monday

Neil Priestley fell asleep on a sofa after a night out with Toni Downes and she woke him up and told him to go to bed.

An argument then blew up and he staggered around the room, shouting. Ms Downs told him to be quiet and he then turned aggressive.

“He went mad and pushed me with both hands onto the settee and put both hands around my neck and shook me,” she told police. “His face was contorted with anger. He let go of me and called police himself.”

When officers arrived, Priestley (43) said they should take him away.

Rosemary Lake, prosecuting at Chesterfield magistrates, said Ms Downs was scared when he ‘went off on one’.

She wanted to continue the relationship but felt he had a drink problem and needed some help.

Priestley, of Common Lane, admitted the 29th August assault and a bail offence on 12th October when he failed to attend court.

Magistrates ordered him to do 40 hours’ unpaid work, with £85 costs, saying it was ‘an unpleasant incident’.

Susan Kelly, for Priestley, said he was out of work at the time and had rent arrears and this contributed to the couple arguing.

She added that he was now working as a sub-contractor for the Ministry of Defence in Reading.