Riddings street scuffle pair appear in court

BAD blood between two men led to them scuffling in the street near a Riddings school, a court was told on Monday

Scott McKinlay appeared to be the worse for drink as he shouted abuse at Roger Feighery and followed him into a shop.

McKinlay, who was with his nephew, left at the request of staff but, still drinking alcohol, he followed Feighery and his mother towards West Street.

Jenny Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said McKinlay (37) was alleged to have raised his fist towards Feighery and a tussle broke out in the street.

“It was not on school property but close to it and it was at the time to pick up children,” she told Chesterfield magistrates.

McKinlay, unemployed, of Shaw Street, Riddings, admitted using threatening behaviour on 7th September and was fined £115, with £85 costs.

“There has been bad blood between them in the past and it’s hard to know who started things. It may have been 50/50,” said Bob Bashforth, for McKinlay.

He said McKinlay asked Feighery what his problem was and followed him into the shop. He left and saw him further down the street soon afterwards.

“He wasn’t seeking a confrontation but there were further exchanges. He can’t say how he ended up on the ground - nor can the other guy or witnesses including his mother.

“But they finished up on the floor with Feighery pinning him on his back, threatening to bite his nose off, and doing his level best to bite his nose off,” said Mr Bashforth.

He added that Feighery was cautioned by police for his part in the incident.