Residents on troubled Sutton estate taking action to clear up their streets

Residents on the troubled Carsic estate in Sutton are taking action into their own hands by cleaning up its image.

The estate has faced huge problems with anti-social behaviour and drug violence in recent months, leading to a person getting “stabbed in the head” and another being assaulted with a golf club. 

Action is being taken to prevent children touching needles and syringes on Carsic. Inset is Cathy Mason.

Action is being taken to prevent children touching needles and syringes on Carsic. Inset is Cathy Mason.

Residents had said someone was going to get killed if the problems continue, which both the people on the estate and Nottinghamshire Police have put down to drugs use on the estate.

But in a bid to clear up the estate and improve its image, residents have set up the Carsic Grime Fighters group – a team which regularly does litter picking and “putting pride back in where we live”. 

It comes as residents found a number of needles in open spaces across the estate and near Carsic Primary School, leading to a surge by residents to get awareness sessions incorporated into police school visits. 

The scheme has been led by former councillor Cathy Mason, who has put pressure on Nottinghamshire Police to encourage PCSOs to discuss the dangers when visiting schools.

She said: “I believe it would be a good idea for all schools to educate children of all ages. That’s why I informed the school immediately.

“The simplest message would work even for the youngest of children, the same as we do for hot cups, or fire, do not touch, and report it to an adult.

“It’s the consequences of not telling children the dangers that scares me more, than have someone educate them properly on it.

“I would hate to keep quiet and then here of a child suffering for the rest of their life because they touched a syringe.”

A spokeswoman for Ashfield District Council urged residents not to touch needles or syringes.

She said: “The council advises anyone who sees needles and syringes to contact them and they will be disposed of in the correct way.

“Residents should not attempt to pick up or move needles or syringes themselves.

“Residents can report needles and syringes via, 0800 183 8484 or via our website.”

Nottinghamshire Police have been contacted for a comment.