Reports from Mansfield Magistrates’ Court

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Recent cases completed at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court


John Blair McCulloch (65), Farndon Way, Mansfield. Drink Driving. Disqualified from driving for 17 months, fined £585, victim surcharge of £58 and costs of £85.

Krystian Marek Lubiszewski (33), Welford Close, Skegby. Drink driving. Community order with 100 hours unpaid work requirement within the next 12 months. Disqualified from holding a driving license for 23 months. Ordered to pay £85 costs and victim surcharge of £60.

David Sean Butler (46), Brick Kiln Lane Mansfield. Failed to give information relating to identification of the driver of a vehicle alleged to have been guilty of an offence. Fined £400, £85 costs, victim surcharge of £40.


Kevin Scott Welsh (36), Carlton Close, Forest Town. Drunk and disorderly in a public place. Fined £440, £85 costs and victim surcharge of £44.


Matthew Robert Clay (45), of Chesterfield Road North, Pleasley. Jointly with Katrina Crow, dishonestly presented a stolen Argos card to purchase a Samsung mobile phone. Also presented a stolen Boots Advantage card intending to make a gain. Committed offence during operational period of a suspended sentence. Committed to prison for a total of 50 weeks.

Katrina Crow (35), Chesterfield Road North, Pleasley. Stole a purse containing bank and store cards. Jointly with Matthew Clay committed fraud by making a false representation with a stolen Argos card to obtain a mobile phone. Provided stolen bank card details over the telephone to credit £600 into an account. Presented a stolen Boots Advantage card to purchase goods. Committed to prison for five months.


Robert John Edmunds (30), of Princes Street, Mansfield. Possession of amphetamine, a controlled drug of class B. Committed to prison for one month because offence was committed whilst on suspended sentence order for similar offences. Overall length of sentence six months.

Simon Rose (46), of Leeming Lane Mansfield Woodhouse. Possession of diamorphine, a controlled drug of class A. Fined £50, with a victim surcharge of £20 and a curfew order for three months.


Steven Peter Crawford (28), Hall street, Mansfield. Threatening behaviour towards police. Eight weeks prison sentence suspended for 12 months as committed offence on bail. Must complete 12 months alcohol dependency treatment programme, costs £85, victim surcharge £80.

Josephine Angela Mealing (56), Stanley Road, Mansfield. Making threats to kill. Conditional bail until 28th August.

Gareth Lee Hammond (21), Clipstone Road West, Forest Town. Using racially aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Fined £125, costs of £85 and victim surcharge £20.

Jenny Dorothy Jones (48), Rufford Avenue, Rainworth. Used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Fined £330, costs of £85, victim surcharge £33.


Michael Francis Gallen (49), Portland Street, Mansfield. Assault by beating. Remanded on unconditional bail until 27th August.


Matthew John Hutchinson (37), of Outram Street, Sutton. Stole a digital camera worth £25 from ASDA at Sutton. Committed to Nottingham Crown Court for sentence and trial on other matters.

Dale Antony Vardy (33), Diamond Avenue, Kirkby. Stole slabs and gravel from a neighbour’s garden. Committed to prison for 10 weeks.

Lee Kevin Cassell (38), Mansfield Road, Warsop. Stole two pedal cycles to the value of £900 belonging to Matthew Wilkinson. Stole two pedal cycles worth £1,575 belonging to Ian Scott. Failed to surrender to custody at Mansfield Magisrates’ Court. Committed to prison for 12 weeks.

Beverly Irene Hodgkiss, Shireoaks Court Mansfield. Stole chocolates and deodorant jewellery perfume and other items from four different stores. Failed to surrender to custody at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court. Committed to prison for 20 weeks.


Darren Michael Needham (35), of Salterford Road, Hucknall. Failed to comply with a community requirement of a suspended sentence order. New and varied order, suspended sentence of 18 weeks suspended for 24 months. Fined £200 with £75 costs.

Kyle Christopher Allen (26), Priestsic Road, Sutton. Failed to comply with the requirements of a community order. Fined £50, costs £30.