Recent crimes in Ashfield

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The following crimes have been reported in the Sutton and Kirkby Areas between 16th and 21st August:-

16th Aug 14. Cooperative Street, Stanton Hill. Offender kicked in lower panel of front door, awakening resident.

16th-18th Aug 14. Derby Road, Ashfield. Resident suffers chest and heart problems. Whilst carers in the house, £80 stolen.

14th-18th Aug 14. Garside Avenue, Sutton. Theft of pedal cycle whilst left in rear garden. A brown-coloured Kona Jump Bike, has painted skull with fire on frame and bottle opener of handle. Value £1800.

18th Aug 14 Northwood Avenue, Sutton Shop Offender smashed glass door to gain entry, smashed open cigarette locker and stolen a unknown quantity of cigarettes carried away in a builders rubble sack. Left scene in a car.

16th/18th Aug 14 Industrial premise, Junction Road Maun Ind. Estate. Sutton Offender broke into premises and stole four scrap coils of copper. Value £3,090.

19th Aug 14. Greenwood Drive, Kirkby. While occupants where away, offender caused damage to side door to gain entry, without success.

19th Aug 14. Kirkland Close, Sutton. Burglary Offender gained entry by smashing patio door and used key which was left in door lock. Stole items from dwelling, no description.

19th Aug 14. Rowan Drive, Kirkby. Offender smashed window of first floor flat, breaking the outer pane of the double glazed unit.

19th Aug 14.Elder Street, Skegby. Offender damaged the upper top left side of door. No entry gained. Offender entered house via insecure door, (occupant in bed) and stole an Iphone.

20th Aug 14. St Michaels Street, Sutton. Whilst occupant was upstairs, offender entered house via insecure front door. Occupant came down stairs and confronted offender who had an ASDA Carrier bag. Offender left, then occupant found purse missing, No description of offender.

20th/21st Aug 14. Rosedale Gardens, Sutton. Theft from insecure vehicle parked on driveway. Items stolen, no description.

21st Aug 14 Lammas Road, Sutton. Offender enter vacant public house and stole a CCTV and hard drive.

21st Aug 14. Leamington Drive, Sutton. Theft of vehicle. Left ignition keys in vehicle later that evening found vehicle gone.