Rapist’s victims speak

TWO more victims of a Mansfield rapist have come forward after seeing him handed 13 life sentences for abusing children in his care.

Former foster parent Patrick Gallagher (60), of Bolsover Street, was jailed in May after admitting more than 50 separate sexual offences against 16 children over a 12-year period.

Seeing media reports of his imprisonment have since spurred two further victims to confront their past and contact police.

The men recognised Gallagher and remembered what he had done to them during their childhood.

These additional crimes against boys have now been added to his record after he was cautioned in prison for offences going back until 1972.

At his sentencing, a judge told Gallagher he should ‘die in jail’ after hearing about his abuse of vulnerable young boys.

Nottingham Crown Court was told he had repeatedly raped some of his victims for his own sexual satisfaction.

Police believe there are likely to be more victims and are urging them to come forward. If anyone else wants to speak to officers they are encouraged to contact 0300 300 9999.