Rainworth wire thief stole to pay for mother’s broken boiler


A Rainworth thief who stole copper wire to help pay to fix his mother’s boiler will hear his fate next week.

Christopher Roberts (36) of Southwell Road East, was caught after trespassing on the BT site on Hardwick Street, Sutton.

When the police turned up to arrest him, he was also found to have a small amount of amphetamine on him.

Appearing before Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, he admitted a charge of theft and of possessing a class B drug.

The court was told how Roberts had spotted a hole in the fence to the site and had the intention of stealing the wire to sell. The wire had been found in a skip, and was worth an estimated £50.

The Crown Prosecution Service said that Roberts had a ‘long history of dishonesty’, but his defending solicitor, David Hallmark, said that his client was trying to raise the money to help fix his disabled mother’s boiler.

He said although Roberts had previous convictions to his name, his offences had become ‘more sporadic’ in recent years and the attempted theft was simply to help out.

He said that Roberts also had a chequered past with drugs, and at one point been injecting amphetamine.

He is due back in court on 3rd December.