Polish man stole two bottles of vodka to ‘keep warm’

A MAN stole two bottles of vodka to keep warm after sleeping on the street the night before.

Tadeusz Nikiel (37) produced a bottle of vodka from his trousers and then admitted to having another up his coat sleeve after being stopped by a staff member at Home Bargains in Mansfield earlier this month.

Nikiel, of Dame Flogan Street in the town, later made a full and frank admission to the police, Mansfield magistrates were told on Wednesday.

Nicola Thorpe, in mitigation, told the court how Nikiel had lost his job of five years at Sports Direct and initially claimed benefits - which were stopped two months ago.

She said: “Since then he has been looking for work but he has no phone for them to contact him on.

“He has been sleeping rough while trying to get a council house but due to his benefit difficulties the council was unable to assist.”

The Polish national, who admitted theft, accepted that he had gone into Home Bargains with no money and stole £8.60 worth of vodka to warm himself up after a cold and windy night sleeping rough.

Magistrates bailed Nikiel until 28th September while an alcohol report is prepared.