Police warning after Mansfield cold-calling complaint

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Householders are being warned about accepting work from cold-calling companies, after an incident in the Mansfield area in which a resident said they were ripped off by a carpet-cleaning company.

Police received a complaint after the resident was persuaded by Saxon National Cleaning Ltd of Bournemouth, after they phoned the householder up to ask if they could visit and give a demonstration and estimate.

An appointment was made and a young man arrived at their home and cleaned a small area of the carpet, which obviously impressed the householder.

Estimates were given which in the first instance appeared to be reasonable.

The full carpet was cleaned and the householder was told not to walk on it for two hours to let it dry. The young man charged them £100, which was higher than the estimate.

At their earliest opportunity the householders inspected their cleaned carpet only to find the carpet was stained and it wasn’t up to the standard of the sample cleaned area the man had made in the first instance.

A police spokesman said: “Advice is never accept any work from companies that make unsolicited calls offering work, either people knocking on you’re door or from unsolicited telephone calls. Always get several estimates. If you think you are getting a bargain, think again, you get what you pay for.

“If you receive a call from companies like this check the internet, see if they have a contact number and ring them back if the number is unobtainable or they don’t accept calls, be wary.

“If there have been other complaints someone will put their experience on the web.”