Police Twitter feed is a hit

MORE than 10,000 folk are now following Derbyshire Police on the social network site Twitter.

The force launched its Twitter site in the summer of 2009 and uses it to share news, appeals and information with followers.

Officers also tweet details of special operations or days of action.

Force web manager Ben Sherwin said: “The fact that so many people now follow us on Twitter shows its emerging popularity.

“It’s an important tool for getting information to the public quickly and we will continue to develop it both as an outlet for sharing news and as a way of updating followers in the event of a major incident.”

During the disorder in parts of England last August, Derbyshire Police used Twitter to reassure folk that no incidents had been reported in the county.

It also used to the site to dispel rumours of disorder which were circulating online.

Mr Sherwin added: “Twitter is just one of many ways we communicate with people online. More than 2,200 people are now following us on Facebook and all the latest news and appeals are posted on the force website.”

l To follow the force, simply search for @DerbysPolice on Twitter or look for Derbyshire Constabulary on Facebook