Police recruiting for extra helpers

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Derbyshire Police is opening its doors to volunteers who want to team up with their local officers and make a difference to policing in their community.

The role would include everything from organising warrants to heading out on the beat with offers in crime prevention campaigns.

Officers hope the scheme will give people the chance to get involved with local policing and help reduce the amount of time officers spend in the police station.

Gary Knighton, Assistant Chief Constable, said: “Volunteers already play an important role in supporting the force through the Special Constabulary.

“Our Police Support Volunteers scheme will offer a wider variety of volunteering activities to members of the public which will assist us to maintain a high quality of service to the public of Derbyshire.

“We are introducing a number of volunteering opportunities at the launch which we will build upon over the coming years.

“The pilot scheme that we have run has demonstrated the value that volunteering brings, both in terms of freeing up officers’ and staff time and in giving members of the public the opportunity to support local policing by bringing new skills into the organisation.”