Police plans to axe two stations

POLICE chiefs are set to lay out plans to close police stations and front counters around the area today.

Nottinghamshire Police needs to save £42.3m over the next four years and officers say the proposals to cut down on buildings will help protect front line services.

Under the plans, which are set to go before the Police Authority for approval today, Ravenshead Police Station will be axed and Blidworth will join it if community alternatives can be found.

Ravenshead Police Station staff had already been relocated to Arnold and Sgt James Rimmington, now based at Arnold Police Station, said the move had little effect on the way Ravenshead was policed.

No one had used the telephone outside the police station in a 12 month period.

“Most people report incidents via the phone these days and they can now also call their beat manager directly,” he said.

“A good beat team isn’t in a police station anyway, they are on the beat, and the PCSOs and beat manager will still be patrolling Ravenshead as usual.

“The Ravenshead response team has always been based at Arnold so nothing changes there and the staff who have been moved to Arnold are less isolated and have much more support in their quest to keep Ravenshead a safe place.

“It’s business as usual really, but you could say that this move actually offers a better deal for the people of Ravenshead.”

There are also plans to close front counter services in Mansfield Woodhouse and Southwell.

Further afield, Kirkby Police Station will be axed, as will Selston if a suitable community alternative can be found.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Ackerley said: “Spending money wisely is one of our top three strategic priorities. In many cases we have police stations and buildings which are old, underused, expensive to maintain and are a drain on funding.

“People simply do not use them in the way they once did. This is largely due to the massive growth in the other more convenient ways the public can get in touch with us.

“Our safer neighbourhood teams are now far more accessible within local communities and modern technology means people can now contact us at home, at work and on the go.”

Should the Police Authority give approval to the plans, consultation with the public can begin.