Police officer sexually assaulted teenage girl in Nottinghamshire

Majud Hussain
Majud Hussain

A police officer who sexually assaulted a teenage girl in Nottinghamshire has been jailed for seven years.

Majud Hussain, 41, was found guilty of two counts of assault by penetration on a female over the age of 13 and two counts of sexual assault on a female following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison and will now be the subject of a Gross Misconduct hearing.

Hussain, of Wilford Lane, Nottingham, finished his shift at Leicestershire Police at midnight on July 16 2017 and drove to Long Eaton, Derbyshire where, in the early hours of the morning, he picked up two teenage girls who were walking through the centre.

He told them he was a firefighter and took them to McDonald’s before dropping the youngest of the girls, aged 14, off at her home. But instead of taking the 17-year-old back to her friend’s house, he drove to a street in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, where he sexually assaulted her in the back of the car.

He then dropped her off at her friend’s house and the next day her friend called police.

Hussain’s movements were seen on CCTV and evidence was found at the scene.

DCI Kev Broadhead said: “The sentence given to Hussain today is right because it’s right that someone who commits crimes like this receives a long custodial sentence.

"The fact that he was a police officer when he assaulted this girl makes it all the more disturbing – he should have been a person to be trusted.

"The victim in this case has shown a huge amount of courage and I hope that she can find some solace in knowing that Hussain is behind bars.”