Police launch gay domestic violence campaign

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Derbyshire Police has launched campaign to highlight domestic abuse within same sex relationships.

The Domestic Abuse Unit together with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) co-ordinator have designed a poster which is set to be distributed to highlight the importance of reporting domestic abuse within gay relationships.

The posters will be distributed throughout the remainder of the county later in the year.

LGBT co-ordinator Andy Sudbury said: “Abuse in same sex relationships is commonly under-reported to the police. In 2013 there were only 15 referrals made to agencies in Derbyshire.

“By highlighting this issue we hope that more people will have the confidence to report crimes in same sex relationships to us.”

For more information about agencies that can support you visit www.derbyshire.police.uk or follow Derbyshire Gay Police Association on Twitter at @derbyshiregpa.