Police call off Mansfield park manhunt after teenager is accused of lying about sexual assault

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Police have called off a manhunt for a man who had sexually assaulted a teenager in a Mansfield park with the alleged victim now being accused of lying about the incident.

The 17 year-old claimed she had been the victim of the sickening attack on the Racecourse Park on Friday evening, sparking a huge manhunt and causing panic among the community.

But this morning Nottinghamshire Police have confirmed that the investigation had been called off after re-interveiwing the girl, and she has been reported for summons for wasting police time.

A police spokesperson said: “There was a lot of concern from local people about this attack, and we have carried out a full investigation which led to the alleged victim being re-interviewed. After speaking to officers last night, she has subsequently been accused of wasting police time over the allegation.”

The announcement that a woman had been attacked - the second similar incident on Racecourse Park in the space of a few months - caused panic among local people that a serial sex predator was at large, although police played down any links between the incidents.

Some had called for CCTV to be installed at the park as well as better lighting.

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