Plans for 63 new homes in Mansfield

A planning application has been made for 63 new homes to redevelop a former industrial site in Mansfield.

The application by Victoria Street SPV Ltd of Stourbridge is to build 40 two bed and 23 three bed houses on derelict land off Victoria Street.

The applicant states that the development would see a substantial investment into the suburb, providing low cost accommodation for young families within the area.

It would replace a poor-quality employment site.

The site has been cleared and has not offered local employment opportunities more than eight years.

In the design and access statement the applicant states: “ Whilst it could be argued that the site could be continued to be used for employment purposes sequentially the site is situated within a poor location with a local road network not designed for the type of heavy goods vehicles that could well be expected to visit such sites.

“The local road network is geometrically inadequate for heavy goods vehicles.

The site is also surrounded by residential properties which could form a conflict in any future commercial activity by way of noise and odour emissions together with vehicular parking, resulting in a detrimental effect on the amenity of the existing neighbours.

It adds that there are better sites within the borough which have been purposely designed for employment use and offer better transport links and surroundings.

The site’s current appearance does little to enhance its setting and is having a detrimental impact on the predominantly residential neighbourhood.

The vacant site also attracts anti-social behaviour.

It adds: “The proposed residential development would create a sense of wellbeing to the area whilst creating local employment during the build phase as well as requiring the provision of locally sourced building materials.

“The influx of residents into the area will benefit local shops.”