Pinxton Barman injured in street attack

A MAN has been accused of assaulting a Pinxton bar worker because he was gay.

The victim knocked on the door of the Three Horseshoes after midnight on 21st October.

Ashley Dale (22) was standing on the corner of the street when he fired abuse at the man, including reference to his sexuality.

Christopher Reynolds, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates on Monday that Dale said the man was only being allowed into the pub because he worked there.

Mr Reynolds said Dale was in a ‘menacing’ mood as he approached his victim, who was openly gay.

He added: “The defendant grabbed his shoulder and spun him around and he fell and banged his head on the ground.

“His head was bleeding and he ran to the pub and hammered on the door. Staff opened it and called police.”

Bob Bashforth, for Dale, said: “He denies making any homophobic comments. He didn’t know (the man) was gay.”

Dale, of Town Street, Pinxton, admitted the assault, which left his victim with a two-inch cut that was glued at hospital.

Magistrates said the offence was more serious if it was instigated by anti-gay feelings or prejudice against a person’s sexual preference.

They adjourned the hearing for a mini-trial to decide if the attack was motivated by homophobia.