Persistent drunk woman is finally jailed

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A persistent drunk who has blighted her community for years has finally been sent to jail after breaking the conditions of her behaviour order.

Tracey Partington, of Willow Crescent, Sutton, appeared before magistrates in Mansfield after she was caught on licensed premises despite being repeatedly warned to stay off the booze.

Partington, 33, had been handed a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) by police at the start of June after they had been called out to numerous incidents sparked by her drunken antics.

When the order had been handed to Partington, in the space of 14 months there had been 17 instances of drunk and disorderly behaviour and four instances of assault including two against police constables.

Speaking at the time that the order was imposed, Chief Inspector Neil Williams said: “It is Partington’s persistent and frequent drink fuelled disorderly behaviour that has led to this order being imposed.

“Her behaviour has resulted in calls from members of the public and from numerous publicans.

“Police arrival has been met by a torrent of abuse and, on a number of occasions, assaults on police officers.”

However, just days after it was imposed she broke the agreement when she was arrested in Sutton town centre for being inebriated.

On that occasion, Partington was sentenced to a concurrent community rehabilitation order and warned that any further breaches of the order will likely lead to a custodial sentence.

She was also ordered to pay a fine and costs.

But Partington ignored the final warning and was caught trying to enter a pub without permission on July 12, a charge she admitted.

The offence triggered a series of previous incidents, including assaulting two police officers in the space of a day.

She was also found to have behaved in a way that would cause harassment, alarm or distress to staff at HSBC in on Sutton’s Outram Street after kicking the doors of the 

She was handed 12 weeks in total, four weeks each for the assaults and a further four weeks for the attack on the bank.

She was also ordered to pay £180 criminal courts charge, £85 costs and an £80 surcharge.

The CBO prevents Partington from being found in possession of an open vessel of alcohol in any public place in the district of Sutton and Mansfield.

She must not enter any pub or licensed club with the district of Sutton or Mansfield without approval of the designated premises supervisor or be drunk in a public place in Sutton and Mansfield.

Partington must act in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress in Sutton or Mansfield.