Paddock theft leaves Forest Town woman's beloved horses at risk

A mean theft from a farmer’s field in Forest Town has left a distressed woman’s beloved horses vulnerable.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 5:50 pm

The field, off Crown Farm Way, is rented by 49-year-old mum Karen Proctor to keep her pet cobs, eight-year-old Buddy and Poppy, 11, safe and secure.

She calls them her ‘happy hackers’, and loves nothing more than to ride them out every day in nearby woods.

However, their paddock was raided on Wednesday night (between 5.30pm and 7.30am) when thieves stole a generator and a large, heavy double-leisure battery.

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Karen Proctor's horses, Poppy (left) and Buddy.

These are used to provide the electricity for a fence that helps to keep the horses in the field and stops them jumping into a busy road that runs alongside.

"Touching the fence gives them a slight shock,” said Karen, who works as a schools’ exam invigilator and is also a carer for relatives.

"But now they are vulnerable and could get on to the road, which upsets me.

"Apparently, this kind of theft is happening a lot.

"The items are worth only about £200, but I am so concerned about leaving the horses that I am considering moving them to another field.”

The horses were unhurt in the raid, although Karen says Buddy was ‘more jumpy than usual’ the next day.

But she has reported the theft to Nottinghamshire Police, who would like to hear from anyone who might have witnessed anything unusual in the vicinity of the field.

Karen added: “Hopefully, the horses just ignored it. But the battery was very heavy, so I am sure the thieves must have had a vehicle with them to take it away. They must have been beforehand to take a look.”

In the meantime, Karen, who lives in Forest Town, says she is grateful for all the offers of help she has received from fellow horse-lovers on Facebook.

She is the mother of well-known journalist Charlie Proctor, who is editor of the website, Royal Central, which focuses on news about the world’s monarchies.

Charlie said: “Not only have these thieves stolen material possessions, they have also endangered the welfare of horses by leaving them unsecured.”