Ollerton man to learn fate after receiving items stolen from e-cig shop

09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court
09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court

An Ollerton man who was only recently released from prison has admitted receiving goods from an electronic cigarette shop burglary will learn his fate next month.

Gary Robert Alan Gillon (25) of Brake View, was found to be in possession of more than £2,300 worth of goods that were traced back to a break-in at the Ollerton E-Cigs Supplies on Sherwood Drive four days before.

During the burglary more than £7,500 worth of items were stolen.

Acting on intelligence, the police turned up at Gillon’s house on 7th November where they found bags full of items from the shop.

Gillon denied any involvement in the break-in, but admitted a friend had brought the items to him to look after.

He also admitted he knew the situation was ‘not right’, hinting that he knew they were stolen.

Police took finger prints found at the shop but they did not match Gillon, and charged him with receiving stolen goods.

Gillon would not name the man who brought the stolen items to him.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard how Gillon had a long history of dishonesty, with his last conviction in September.

Defending, Chris Perry, admitted that his client had only been released from prison the previous week and that he had a long-standing problem with drink and drugs.

“At the heart of his problems is dependency,” he added.

He said there were also mental health issues that needed to be considered.

He is due to return to court on 30th January to stand before District Judge Diane Baker, who reserved sentencing on him having dealt with him on a previous occasion.