Nottinghamshire residents urged to play part in driving crime down

Residents across Nottinghamshire are being urged to play their part in driving down crime rates in the county by following simple crime prevention advice.

Latest figures show crime fell by 3,961 offences (7.7 per cent) between April and October, which is almost five per cent above the target set in the force’s two-year Policing Plan and the third largest reduction in the country. However, Nottinghamshire Police Authority says this reduction would be considerably greater if people took more responsibility for their personal safety and property and didn’t make it easy for offenders to strike.

Although still falling, improvements in burglary rates, vehicle crime and theft and handling cases are showing evidence of slowing in the first half of the year and Nottinghamshire Police Authority is keen to remind the public of their responsibility to secure their possessions so criminals in Nottinghamshire cannot thrive.

Professor Simon Holdaway, chairman of Nottinghamshire Police Authority’s Performance and Policing Committee, said: “You wouldn’t walk around with £500 in notes in your hand, so think before you do the same with your phone, iPod or MP3 player.

“Astonishingly, opportunistic crime accounts for thousands of offences recorded in Nottinghamshire. This is crime where the offender has seized upon a hassle-free target to minimise the danger of being caught which means instances where car windows were left open, car doors unlocked and homes left insecure have been an absolute gift to them.

“We all have a part to play to protect ourselves and make our communities safer and the public can help support the efforts of the police by making it more difficult for criminals to carry out their crimes. A thief only needs seconds to capitalise on carelessness whether this is a coat hung up in a restaurant, a lap top on the front seat of a car, a credit card left on the table while you pay the bill or an iPad on full display in your hand. Don’t expose yourself to the threat of criminality by having the foresight to look ahead and recognise the risks.

“We have achieved some impressive crime reductions in the county in recent years which has increased confidence and reassurance in our communities. But to continue this good work we need the support of the public to cut off the supply chain and send out a clear message that crime doesn’t pay in Nottinghamshire.”

Figures presented to Nottinghamshire Police Authority this week show the force has recorded 32.2 per cent reduction (1,180 offences) in domestic burglary rates between April and October. This is 26.5 per cent better than the target set for the force, the equivalent of 658 offences. The force is recording the largest reduction in domestic burglary rates nationally in the 12 months to September 2011 with an overall reduction of 39.3 per cent compared to the national average reduction of 4.8 per cent.

The data shows a similar picture for robbery rates, with a year-to-date reduction of 21.6% recorded (183 offences). This is currently 6.3% above the target set by the Authority to reduce this crime and means the force is recording the second largest robbery reduction rate nationally.