Nottinghamshire drug users warned they will be caught

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Nottinghamshire Police has issued a stark warning that people carrying drugs in the city will be caught.

The force’s Operation Promote will see drugs dogs and their handlers taking to the streets to sniff out illegal substances.

The operation was set up to tackle the use of cocaine in the city centre which can contribute to violent behaviour and disorder.

It was launched in November last year and has continued to run in the city during weekends.

When the operation ran last weekend (Saturday 28th June) there were six arrests.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Torr said: “Operation Promote supports the force’s Alliance Against Violence Campaign and is part of a wider partnership initiative to reduce the harm caused by stimulant drugs.

“Nottingham does not have any more of an issue with drugs than any major city, but substance misuse remains a challenge to be tackled.

“We have already seen that violent crime reduces when this operation is run and we are determined to keep using this tactic until people realise that if they come into Nottingham with drugs they will be caught.

“Our job is to keep people safe and ensure they can enjoy their night out without becoming involved in violent crime.”

Cocaine when taken with alcohol forms cocaethylene, a powerful psychoactive agent proven to drive violent behaviour.

Stimulant drug use enables drinkers to consume much more than they usually would be able to, exacerbating their drunkenness.

Those arrested with drugs were referred to treatment with Nottinghamshire Probation’s Criminal Justice Intervention Team while Recovery in Nottingham ensured harm reduction materials were available in venues.

Peter Moyes, director of the Crime and Drugs Partnership which funds the operation, said: “This operation forms a part of the city’s alcohol strategy, a key part of which is reducing the risks to citizens in the night time economy.

“Stimulant drugs like cocaine when taken with alcohol are one of those risks which is why Nottingham’s partnership of agencies remains committed to tackling them.”