Newgate as bad as ever, say residents

Mansfield Newgate Lane
Mansfield Newgate Lane

Business owners on Newgate Lane have contradicted crime statistics which state crime has dramatically fallen over the last three years in the area.

Figures show crime in the Newgate ward has been cut by 20 per cent since 2010-11, while anti-social behaviour in the ward has also reduced, with a drop of more than half.

The crime statistics showed that Gladstone Street and Newgate Lane, which were both identified as particular hotspots, had seen huge improvements - with all crime down by 37 per cent on Gladstone Street and by 48 per cent on Newgate Lane.

But Steve Edwards, a repairs shop owner, said he believed crime was on the increase.

He added: “My shop was broken into in March and I lost a lot of money. It was the first time in 20 years.

“I put it down to the younger generation - they are a lot worse than they used to be.”

A hairdresser, who preferred not to be named, said: “I would say crime has risen - you see so many druggies walking around with cans in their hands in their pyjamas - they have not done a day’s work in their lives.

“You do not want to be down here at night if you are working late because it gets a bit scary.”

A caterer, who also did not want to be named, said: “It is a load of rubbish - if crime has fallen in this area it is because all the criminals have moved out.

“Nobody ever stays around here too long because it is a dump - they have either gone to prison or moved away.”

Sue Biddle, who was chairman at Newgate Area Tenant & Resident Association from 1989 but stepped down two years ago, said: “I would hope the figures were true but I am a little sceptical.

“People are easily intimidated and scared that if they report anything they will get a brick through their window.”

Paul Henshaw, Mansfield District Councillor for Newgate ward, said: “I think it is fantastic news about the crime reduction in Newgate Ward.

“It shows how community groups and the council can work together to have a positive impact.”