New Ollerton man who sent offensive texts to former partner escapes jail sentence

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A NEW Ollerton man who sent offensive text messages to his ex-partner has received a narrowly escaped a jail sentence.

Paul Stafford (34), of Walesby Lane, appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after previously admitting sending the messages to his former girlfriend.

The court was told that on 2nd March the pair had a conversation about their daughter - but later that evening, she received two threatening messages from a number she did not recognise.

She rang the number to try and find out who it was and she heard a male voice which she believed to be Stafford. She told police that she was frightened of her ex-partner.

Stafford had also previously admitted one count of theft at Illusions nightclub in Mansfield after he picked up a mobile phone dropped by another customer who had been assaulted.

He said that he thought the phone belonged to his friend and was going to give it back. The phone was returned to its owner afterwards.

Abbie Edwards, defending, said that Stafford had a history of heroin addiction - but was determined to come off drugs and has secured a place at a rehabilitation centre which is due to start in May.

She said: “Mr Stafford has been addicted to heroin and that is the main cause of his previous offending. He’s managed to get clean and wants to stay clean - he’s highly motivated.

“He tells me that he’s thought about things and knows his ex-partner would have been very scared.”

Sentencing him, District Judge Diane Baker said: “They were real threats of violence and normally I would send you straight to custody.

“With regard to the theft, it was an opportunist theft and I don’t think you had any intention of handing it over to your mate.”

He was given four months’ imprisonment for the offensive text messages and two months for the theft - but these were suspended for a period of 12 months.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a restraining order was put in place for two years which forbids him from going to his ex-partner’s address.

District Judge Baker added: “Quite clearly you are prepared to address your drug addiction.”