Neighbour gave Mansfield murder victim advice on domestic violence

Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift
Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift

A former friend and neighbour of murder defendant Michelle Swift has said that she once told Mansfield murder victim Emiel Blankert he could ‘get help for domestic violence’.

Lisa Richardson took to the stand at Nottingham Crown Court today, Tuesday 24th June, for the trial of Michelle Swift (48).

Miss Swift (48) denies assaulting her partner, Mr Blankert, in December so badly that he died days later from a perforated bowel.

Miss Richardson lived two flats along from Miss Swift and Mr Blankert on Ladybrook Place.

In the months before his death, Miss Richardson said she had to call for an ambulance after Mr Blankert said he had a bust up with Miss Swift and went to Miss Richardson’s flat so to defuse the situation.

Mr Blankert had a cut to his head, and told Miss Richardson that Miss Swift had punched him.

But Miss Richardson told the jury that she simply did not believe him because she said it was a ‘straight cut’.

When she asked him again, he smiled and nodded at her, which she suggested was Mr Blankert admitting that he wasn’t telling the truth.

The crown alleges that Miss Swift had attacked Mr Blankert in their flat on 8th December, causing the injuries that led to his death.

The trial continues.