Murder-trial hears Mansfield man admitted being stamped on

Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift
Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift

A murder trial jury has heard that Mansfield man Emiel Blankert admitted he had been stamped on just hours before he was rushed to hospital with a fatal stomach injury.

The 48-year-old Dutch national had been drinking in The Ladybrook pub on the afternoon of Monday 9th December, opposite where he lived in Ladybrook Place with his partner Michelle Swift.

Miss Swift is on trial for his murder, but denies inflicting the wounds that led to his death.

Taking to the stand today (Friday 20th June) at Nottingham Crown Court, pub regular Peter Iball said he spoke with Mr Blankert in The Ladybrook on 9th December.

He recalled Mr Blankert having blood ‘weeping’ from his ear when he came in, while bar worker Carol Bean also said his face was swollen.

When they both quizzed him about his injuries, Mr Blankert simply said he had been ‘hit down town’.

A short time later he admitted to both that someone had stamped on his head or face, and when asked why, he said it was because of his Dutch accent.

Mr Iball said: “He said he had been picked on because of his accent, which I found strange.

“If that had have happened, would you not get on a bus (from Mansfield town centre) and come in to the pub would you?”

Earlier in the trial, prosecuting Timothy Spencer QC, claimed that the injuries Mr Blankert received to his face were inflicted at the same time he received the trauma to his midriff that eventually led to his death.

He also claims that the attack happened in the flat he shared with Miss Swift, because CCTV footage showed him going in to the flat without injury, and appearing hours later with a swollen face.

With both known heroin addicts and alcoholics, the prosecutor said their 17-year relationship was ‘manifested in violence’.

The trial continues.