Murder defendant ‘swears’ she didn’t attack her partner

Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift
Ladybrook Place, where Emiel Blankert lived with Michelle Swift

Murder defendant Michelle Swift strenuously denied attacking her partner Emiel Blankert which caused the injuries that led to his death, a jury has been told.

Transcripts of her interviews by detectives at Mansfield Police Station were read out today, Thursday 26th June, following her arrest in December.

The 48-year-old denies assaulting Mr Blankert, who was also 48, at their flat on Ladybrook Place on 9th December.

Mr Blankert was hit with such ferocity that his bowel split and he died in King’s Mill Hospital days later from internal bleeding.

Detective Constable Kirk, who had interviewed Miss Swift in custody, took to the witness box at Nottingham Crown Court where he read out sections of the transcripts, helped by prosecutor Dawn Pritchard for the crown.

Asked about the injuries sustained to Mr Blankert, Miss Swift responded in interview by saying: “I swear to you I have not done them.”

However, she admitted to striking Mr Blankert to the face just days before he was taken to hospital, as witnessed by her friend, who earlier gave evidence in the trial.

During interview she said: “It was only a punch with my left hand, it was nothing, absolutely nothing.”

She then strenuously denied Mr Blankert began crying, before remembering that he did.

She also denied being abusive to him, but was concerned of his failing health because of his alcoholism and heroin addiction.

“I have moaned at him because of his welfare, you can call it shouting, but I call it moaning,” she added.

Witnesses also said in court this week that Mr Blankert had told them that Miss Swift had attacked with him a cricket bat, which she also denied.

She said: “I had a cricket bat once. I found it in the square (shopping precinct). I never hit him with it, never.

“He used to be violent towards me, but I could not hit somebody with a cricket bat.”

The trial continues.