Mum stole from toy shop for presents for son

A DOE LEA mum caught thieving in a toy store did it to get her son a Christmas present, a court heard.

Tracey Jacques stuffed a Furby interactive soft toy into an Argos carrier bag while inside Toys R Us, Chesterfield.

She paid £18.99 for an item and, as she left, the stolen toy triggered off a store alarm.

A security officer led her back into the shop and the £58 Furby was recovered, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

“She said she entered the store to do some Christmas shopping. The Furbys were on display and she decided to steal one.

“It was her intention to give the toy to her son for Christmas. She said she knew what she did was wrong,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Jacques (46), of West Street, Doe Lea, admitted the 4th December theft. She had previous convictions for similar offences.

“She has learning difficulties and her son is 18 and he also has learning difficulties. She is on a low income and was trying to get him a decent present,” said her solicitor, Denney Lau.

“Her son is aware that she was arrested for this matter and he was extremely scared about what will happen to her. She has completely spoiled everyone’s Christmas.”

Jacques sobbed as she told the court: “I’m not gonna do it no more.” She was fined £93, with £85 costs.