Mum and tot miss crash by seconds

South Yorkshire Police Officers
South Yorkshire Police Officers

Police are appealing for witnesses after a Skegby mum and her 10 month old daughter narrowly missed being seriously injured by an alleged hit and run driver.

Tamara Gray of Mansfield Road is still shaken after a BMW smashed into her vehicle which was parked on her drive on Wednesday 8th October.

Tamara told the Chad: “ It was about 10am and I was getting my 10 month old daughter ready to go out when I heard a loud bang.

“I looked out of my window to see that a sliver BMW had crashed into my neighbours fence.

“I thought that it had collided with another vehicle, and when I went outside to look I realised it had crashed into my parked car that I was just about to get in with my daughter.

“I asked neighbours and the BMW driver had driven off.

“We could have been seriously injured or even worse.”

Tamara contacted the police but no one had seen the BMW’s registration number.

She said: “We were told it was a V plate and they tyres were flat from the crash.

“Whoever it is has left me and my daughter without a car as it has been written off.

“There is a £200 reward for anyone that gives us the name of the man that did this.”

Nottinghamshire Police are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen the car approaching or leaving the area.

Anyone with information can contact poice on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800555111, quoting crime incident 208 on the 8th of the 10th.