Muffin cake ‘triggered violent altercation’ at Warsop school

NMAC10-1590-1''Warsop Meden School
NMAC10-1590-1''Warsop Meden School

A pupil was taken to hospital by ambulance following a violent altercation at school, allegedly triggered after a muffin cake was snatched from him.

The year 8 boy is reported to have been assaulted by a fellow pupil during break time at Meden School in Warsop on Tuesday, which headteacher Dave Hooker said they were taking ‘very seriously’.

It is alleged that the victim had walked out of the school canteen with two muffin cakes, and was targeted by another boy, who is said to have tried to take them off him.

A mobile phone was then reported to have been thrown which led to the assault.

One witness said the victim was dragged to the floor and kicked and punched.

East Midland Ambulance Service (EMAS) confirmed that a young teenage male had been taken to King’s Mill Hospital with a head injury, although the extent of the injury is unknown.

The police have confirmed that they are looking into it the incident, while Mr Hooker said an internal investigation at the Burns Lane school was still being carried out, but would not go into the details of the incident.

He said: “We are dealing with it, and once complete, we will take the appropriate action.

“Unfortunately, from time to time, this kind of behaviour does happen in school and we have a very clear policy and certain expectations of our students.

“We want to reassure people that we are taking it very seriously. The action we take will be to the full extent of our policy.”

However, Mr Hooker was eager to point out that the school did not have an issue with bullying.

He said as well as a successful recent Ofsted report, a survey carried out with parents found almost all were satisfied that their child was safe at Meden School.

“We have a very clear and transparent bullying policy, and we will take swift and immediate action if there is a problem.

“We had Ofsted in recently and the one thing they look at is the standard of pupils behaviour. We not only got a clean bill of health, but it was glowing.

“There is a zero tolerance policy in place towards this kind of behaviour.

“We’re sorry that this incident happened, but it’s not something that we had any prior warning about.”