MP urges action to be taken against vile computer trolls in Amber Peat case

Amber Peat.
Amber Peat.

People are being urged to contact police by Mansfield MP Alan Meale if they see vile messages online in regard to the death of Amber Peat.

Mr Meale was horrified to learn that despicable posts had been left on websites, particularly Facebook, about the circumstances surrounding the 13-year-old’s death.

Police themselves described the messages as ‘appalling’ and have since launched an investigation.

Amber’s body was found on Tuesday after a three-day search. She had fled from her Bosworth Street home following a argument with her parents about chores.

The cause of death was hanging, and police have emphasised that there were no suspicious circumstances.

Mr Meale said: “At a time when the family are distressed, it’s awful, there’s absolutely no proof that anything is true at all.

“Unfortunately, in this modern day society, it happens a lot.

“If anyone knows someone who is doing this they should go straight to the police.

“These trolls think it’s some kind of machine that they can have fun with, which is horrendous.”