MP’s warning to dog owners over suspicious activity

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Dog owners in Bilsthorpe have been told to keep a close eye on their pets after suspicious activity was reported in the area.

Residents have reported white lines or markings painted on fences, pavements or other street furniture outside their homes, which some fear could be left as signals to thieves to return later and steal pet dogs.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has urged dog owners to be cautious in the coming days, whilst he clarifies the situation with local Police.

He said: “I’ve raised itwith the police and I’m certain that they are aware of the issue. I’m seeking the assurance that they are taking it seriously, and I’ve asked to be kept updated. It may be nothing at all and I hope it’s just pure coincidence, but until we can be sure I’d just advise that everyone takes a little bit of extra care.

“I’m a dog owner myself, and animal welfare is really important to me.”