MP calls for calm after the death of Amber Peat

Alan Meale MP
Alan Meale MP

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has called for calm following the death of teenager Amber Peat.

Hundreds of men, women and children took to the streets to help look for the missing 13-year-old, whose body was eventually found in a hedgerow between Westfield Lane and Parliament Road on Tuesday evening.

The cause of death was hanging, and police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

The Mr Meale told Chad: “Everyone in Mansfield has been shaken by the sad events connected with Amber’s death. Her loss is a lesson to us all how fragile life can be.

“What’s now needed is calm and a period of reflection to allow her family to recover and the statutory services who apply their skills to help in these healing processes.

“Once again Mansfield people have shown their great community spirit in trying to help.

“Such responses and understanding are now needed to help heal the hurt and despair caused by these tragic set of circumstances.”