Motorists still ignoring police warnings

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Warnings about leaving valuables on show are still being ignored by motorists across Mansfield, a leading police officer has told the Chad.

Insp Mark Webster, who works out of Mansfield Woodhouse, says police manpower is regularly being diverted away from other issues to deal with continuous thefts from vehicles.

He said: “People are still leaving items on show, things like cameras, wallets and mobile phones.

“They are told time and again and we are putting an immense amount of manpower to patrol the streets.

“If people looked after their own property more, we would be able to direct our resources to other areas of policing. If they took precautions we would be able to cut crime and save themselves a lot of problems.”

And while removing valuable electronic items from view seems obvious, police warn that opportunist thieves will often target vehicles for far less.

All bags should be removed out of sight to avoid catching a thief’s attention, sat nav cradles should also be removed from windscreens and the glass wiped down to remove any hint that a sat nav may just be hidden out of view.

Police say that all coins should be also removed from centre consoles.

“They are opportunist thieves, and the people who are committing these crimes are so desperate, this small change will soon add up,” added Insp Webster.

“We have proactive officers out most nights of the week targeting these people, but people need to take responsibility.”

Meanwhile, two men from Mansfield were charged with vehicle interference after being arrested last week.

Zbigniew Maziarz of Newton Street, and David Kwiatowski of Arundel Drive, are due to appear before magistrates on 24th February.