Motorist without a licence crashed and rolled car

09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court
09-0565-2''Mansfield Magistrates Court

A man who crashed and rolled his car but did not realise his driving licence had expired was ordered to pay out £160 in fines and costs.

Richard Mark Emmerson (39) of Heather Way, Mansfield, crashed his Vauxhall Astra on the A617 with his sister-in-law and her friend as passengers.

He was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, and was charged with driving without a licence after he recovered.

Prosecuting, Ruth Snodin said that Emmerson could only remember waking up in hospital.

Defending himself, Emmerson said: “I was not aware until after the accident that I did not have a licence. I resolved it straight away after I found out.”