Mother of jailed driver says ‘My son has life sentence’

Spion Cop crash, A60.
Spion Cop crash, A60.

The mother of a Mansfield Woodhouse driver jailed for causing a horrific car crash says her son has been handed a ‘life sentence’ because of the injuries he sustained.

Kieran Rimmer was jailed for 33 months in October for dangerous driving following a crash at Spion Kop in which he lost a leg from above his knee.

Last week, a judge in London sitting at an appeal court said that 25-year-old Kieran deserved the sentence, saying he had been ‘showing off’.

But his mother, Pam Stephens, said: “How can the appeal judge brand my son as a ‘show off’ when he has never even seen or met him?

“Kieran has endured over 100 hours of surgery due to the accident and medical complications following his amputation. He still has to have two more operations.

“He has spent the last 21 months in a wheelchair and crutches so yes.

“Kieran didn’t get a 33 month sentence, it’s a life sentence as his injuries are life changing. He has always accepted responsibility for the ‘moment of madness’ and will have to live with this injury for the rest of his life.”

Kieran, of Albert Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He was driving a VW Golf which span off the road.

Both Kieran, and his 19-year-old passenger were impaled by fence posts. She suffered pelvic injuries.

The judges noted Kieran’s remorse and acceptance of full responsibility for his crime.

Mrs Stephens added: “I would ask the people who are making assumptions and being judgmental to say hand-on-heart, has their child ever had that ‘moment of madness’ while driving?

“I sincerely hope that they will never experience that knock on the door in the early hours to see two police officers asking ‘if they can come in’.

“This tragedy has impacted on all our lives as a family.”